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 Happy days!

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PostSubject: Happy days!   Sat Jun 12, 2010 1:42 am

Had 3 games of kill team tonight, a 4 way and 2 1v1 matches. 1st game didnt go to well.. 5 basic sang guard (2 w/ FC (1 from red thirst), 1 w/ FNP, 1 w/ fleet). Would of done well if they could hit somthing! even with re rolls! lost to slaanesh (6 noise marines-nick), eldar (harlequins and viper-crayg) and guard (5 rough riders and 15 guard!!-dave- fucka you dolphin!!).... how many fucking 1s!!!!

2nd game was against crayg with his harlie list. I took a 10 man tac sqd (1 man got FC from red thirst) w/ MM (w/ relentless), sgt with P.wep and combi melta(w/ preferred enemy), and a melta gun(with FNP). the terrain was against crayg (meaning it was sparse!) i won, but think it was a bit biased towards me.

3rd game was against dave, he had a chimera, 2 sentinels and 10 naked vets... i took an elite choice again... not in the slightest beardy Wink.. a furioso librarian dreadnought with magna grapple!!( oh and tank hunter!)... i won.. it was only a mess around!

All in all, i had a blast with some top guys! cheers for a laugh! it was good fun!!

Jamie was there to but didnt see his list, altough it sounds pretty deadly! wolf guard or lone wolf, some grey hunters and a thunder wolf!

Cheers again boys!

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Commissar Awesome

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PostSubject: Re: Happy days!   Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:05 am

Always welcome matey Smile I kinda like Kill Team to be fair, i think its a refreshing change to 40k. Its like Necromund, just with less rules....and space marines.

Consider this Guardsman. The Aliens require weapons of uniamginable power to kill you.

You require only a lasgun to kill them. Dosent that make you feel special?

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Happy days!
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