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PostSubject: SIGN UP! SIGN UP!   Sat Jun 12, 2010 10:48 am

Im going to run a necromunda campaign, if you are interested please leave me a line here. Everyone chooses 2 gangs, and plays them alternatively. This is to try and stop 1 gang running away and becoming to big to quickly!! If people dont have the models, we can possibly just run 1 gang each as its a starting campaign. But i do prefer to run 2.

Let me know if you want to be a law abiding gang? (yea right!) or an outlaw gang (good to have 1 of each!)... outlaws are so much more fun! For the campaign any gang can choose to be either outlaw or not. This obviously doesnt mean outlander gangs! your all outlaw scum, no changing that!!

Im going to be running;

- Delaque

- scavvies - outlaws

I have all the outlander rules, and lots of extra hired guns that were released off specialist game website a few years back. I also have all the fanatic mags with additional rules in. The only rules i dont have are the pit slave gang. (which is a shame, i wanted to run them!)

Oh and if anyone wants to run a wyrd gang... FUCKA YOU DOLPHIN!!!!!

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