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PostSubject: FEB GAMES NIGHT   Mon Feb 07, 2011 11:58 pm

FEBS games night will be held on SAT 26TH at the rhyl coros in the cafe as usual
and the usual t&c applie
we had a real good turn out in jan Smile
this month i hope to spice it up a bit
a theme night

the clash of heros scenario from BATTLE MISSIONS

we will keep the standard format of 1.5Kpts
but if anyone wishes to do so i will be bringing a HEROS format list and i hope other people will to,,
lets find out whos got the best hero Smile

each player must take a single named character and then
chooses additional units using the following FOC to make
their army up to the correct points total
0-1 HQ (but nomore named characters)
0-4 elite
2-6 troops
0-1 fast attack
0-1 heavy support

deployment, game lenght and victory conditions , you can find out on the night
from the book (or read it before hand if you have a copy)
special rules - if your hero kills the enemy hero , you win the game Smile

have fun and cya all later

if i knew wot i was doin.....i'd be dangerous
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PostSubject: Re: FEB GAMES NIGHT   Thu Feb 10, 2011 3:50 am

Told you I would get around to logging into the forum

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